What's New

PAYE.net.nz v9

It's been over four years since the last major redesign of this website. Since then many things have changed. New tools have been added, new features have been requested, more knowledge has been acquired. It's time to wrap it all togther in a cohesive way.

Below are the significant changes and improvements over the last version.


  • New UI

    The biggest immediate change is the refreshed facelift. Bigger fonts and bolder elements will make it easier to digest the information.

  • Themes

    Along with the new UI comes themes. Users can select an accent colour and also put the site into "Dark Mode" for easier viewing under low light conditions. These can be set under User Profile.

  • New Chart Library

    The site now uses a more lightweight chart library. The charts are also more akin to styling for themes.

  • Notifications

    There is now the ability to set a site-wide notification which can be dismissed.

  • New Poll Engine

    It's now easier to manage polls, so hopefully they will be updated more often.

  • Privacy First

    Data will only be saved when actioned by the user. All information can be viewed and managed under User Profile.

User Profile new

  • Profile

    The website now centralises the data it collects on users and displays it in a single location. A financial summary is displayed after all sections are completed.

  • Settings

    Users can manage the data collected by the site and control various settings which persist across sessions.

  • Import / Export

    An interface to import, export, save and apply data. This opens up the ability to share your financial information with others or across devices.

PAYE Calculator

  • Cleaner Code

    Each line of code was reviewed and improved where appropriate.

  • Proration

    The calculator now supports a prorated salary.

  • Secondary Income

    The calculator now supports calculating secondary income.

  • Salary Sacrifice

    Reduce your income to account for employers contribution to KiwiSaver.

  • Tax Code

    The calculator now displays the tax code used for the calculation.

  • Plus More...

    Smarter inline notifications, charts & options...


  • Built from Scratch

    Not just a code review, this was completely re-written from the ground up.

  • Multiple Incomes

    You can now include mutilple income sources to generate your total disposable income.

  • Enhanced Timeframe

    The selected timeframe is now respected throughout all elements of the budget including income, charts and stats.

  • Future-Proof Templates

    The budget template is now derived from a JSON object. It has been written to support the customisation of sections and categories (currently only avaialable via the Import / Export tab in User Profile). In the future it could also support multiple budgets or versioning.

Savings new

  • Create Savings Goals

    Create a goal by using two of either savings rate, target date and/or planned savings.

  • Track Estimated Savings

    Your savings balance will grow inline with your savings rate.

Net Worth new

  • Calculate Net Worth

    Select your assets and liabilities, assign values to determine your net worth.

  • Net Worth Analysis

    Net worth is broken down with charts and additional stats to understand your financial position.


  • More Stats

    Additional stats shown while completing the required fields.

  • Partner Superannuation

    Include your partners superanuation in your disposable income.

  • Refined KiwiSaver Controls

    You know have greater visibility and control over the KiwiSaver variables.

  • Earn Interest After Retirement

    The savings interest rate is now applied on savings after retirement.

  • Stacked Bar Chart

    The timeline chart is now displayed as a stacked bar to easily see the individual figures each year on hover.