Easy to install

The calculator is easy to install with just two lines of code along with two common pre-requisite files (jQuery & FontAwesome).

    <div id="paye"></div>
    <script src="{script-url}"></script>

The calculator fits to the width of it's parent container, so will work with sidebar or fixed width designs.

Just place the code where you want the calculator to appear.


Customisable colours to match your website

Change the primary and secondary colours within the <div id="paye"> tag to match your website.

    <div id="paye" data-colour-primary="#22A7F0" data-colour-secondary="#758586"></div>
    <script src="{script-url}"></script>

Your brand is unique, so your calculator should be too.


Mobile ready

The calculator will respond to the width of the device window.

If you have responsive website, your vistors can also enjoy the calculator on both tablets and mobile devices.