Build 2019.9

17 October 2019

Added "Salary Sacrifice" to PAYE Calculator.

  • PAYE Calculator 9.4
    • Added "Salary Sacrifice" under KiwiSaver options. When enabled, it reduces your gross pay to account for employer contribution. This is executed before running further calculations.

Build 2019.8

15 October 2019

Minor UI bug fixes.

Build 2019.7

8 October 2019

New "classic" theme and mobile enhancements.

  • Global
    • Defaults to new "classic" theme.
  • PAYE Calculator 9.3
    • Mobile enhancements.

Build 2019.6

6 October 2019

General UX fixes and mobile enhancements.

  • PAYE Calculator 9.2
    • Change order of main calculation inputs.
    • Always scroll to results table regardless of page position.
    • Mobile enhancements.
  • Budget 2.3
    • Income modal no longer pops up on page load when no income detected.

Build 2019.5

5 October 2019

Code tidy up.

  • Net Worth 1.1
    • Cleaned up code.

Build 2019.4

3 October 2019

This update improves the readability of the charts by extending the colours available within each theme.

  • PAYE Calculator 9.1
    • Updated to support new chart colours.
  • Retirement 2.2
    • Updated to support new chart colours. is changing how it records updates.

Previously changes were recorded as versions based on the main PAYE Calculator. As the site has evolved into many different parts, each part will carry it's own version number moving forward.

Each update will now be grouped under a build number. The build number will be based on the year and an incrimental point for the release number of that year.

Version 9.0 Build 2019.3

29 September 2019

The site has been completely re-designed and every part upgraded. For more information, see What's New.

  • New User Profile
    • Track saved progress
    • Financial Summary
    • Manage settings
    • Import / Export profile data
  • Updated PAYE Calculator
    • Includes support for secondary income
    • Displays tax code
    • Add support for proration
    • Split pre-tax percentage into holiday pay and payrise
    • Rates loaded from external file
    • Selected decimal places used throughout all calculations
    • Added area chart
  • Updated Budget
    • Supports multiple income streams
    • Enhanced timeframe selector
    • Add support for proration
    • Templates loaded via JSON
  • New Savings Calculator
    • Create goals by sum / time or rate
    • Estimates amount saved over time
  • New Net Worth Calculator
    • List Assets and Liabilites
  • Updated Retirement Savings Calculator
    • Select birthdate instead of age
    • Added life pie chart
    • Partners supperannuation can be included
    • More refined KiwiSaver calculations
    • Savings interest rate carried through after retirement
    • Timeline chart changed to stacked bar
Component Version
Budget 2.2
GST 2.1
PAYE Calculator 9.0
Net Worth 1.0
Retirement 2.1
Savings 1.0
User Profile 1.1

Version 8.11

12 May 2019

  • Updated GST calculator.
    • Calculates on keyup
    • Visual chart
    • Save values
    • Calculate from URL

Version 8.10

3 April 2019

  • PAYE Calculator: Updated current rates and added option to load previous rates.
  • PAYE Calculator: Added new KiwiSaver options.
  • Retirement Savings: Update superanuation rates.
  • Retirement Savings: Fixed bug with employer contribution toggle.

Version 8.9

18 November 2018

  • Added option to change weeks in a year. Advanced option for testing only.
  • Now supports output of up to 4 decimal places.

Version 8.8

2 April 2018

  • Changed table orientation to match mobile and allow for additional components.
  • Added pre-tax rate option. Used for casual holiday pay or testing percentage payrise.

Version 8.7

30 July 2017

  • Hint now shown when IETC has been applied.
  • Fixed bug when calculating IETC from hourly or weekly income.
  • Fixed display bug when enabling KiwiSaver from main input while IETC tab is selected.

Version 8.6

24 June 2017

Version 8.5

23 February 2017

Version 8.4

6 February 2017

  • Added the Independent Earner Tax Credit (IETC).

Version 8.3

19 June 2016

  • Fixed bug where scrolling page would reset timeframe back to Annually.

Version 8.2

8 May 2016

  • Added "More Options" for smaller devices, now there is no functional difference between mobile or desktop users.

Version 8.1

4 June 2015

  • Added persistant input options when scrolled down.
  • Adjusted "Clear History" to reset whole calculator.

Version 8.0

1 June 2015

  • Calculator completely rebuilt from the ground up
  • Calculator engine now using jQuery
  • Added quick options for KiwiSaver and Student Loans
  • Breakdown charts added
  • 'Add to Compare' replaced with 'Recent History'
  • Added ability to calculate from URL string
  • Single responsive site for desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Australian calculator removed and hosted on

Version 7.5

8 August 2014

  • Weekly income now detected and calculated. The thresholds can be modified under Options > General Settings.
  • Add to Compare button shifted to the right for greater visibility.
  • All notification banners removed.

Version 7.4

17 April 2014

  • Customisable work hours reintroduced, lost since version 6.x.

Version 7.3

4 May 2012

  • Student Loan repayments added

Version 7.2

22 April 2012

  • Website content change to reflct new domain name
  • Tax Approximator name changed to

Version 7.1

  • Improved salary input to strip non accepted characters
  • Added widget for 3rd party websites

Version 7.0

  • Default tax rates updated
  • Interface and website redesigned using Twitter Bootstrap

Version 6.x

  • Default tax rates updated
  • Code base moved from Flash Actionscript 2.0 to Javascript
  • Interface fully redesigned to be more compatible accross devices
  • Some customisation lost in transition (only 40 hour week available)
  • iPhone version launched
  • Hosted on

Version 5.x

  • Default tax rates updated
  • Interface fully redesigned to look like OS X application
  • KiwiSaver rates added

Version 4.x

  • Default tax rates updated
  • Interface fully redesigned to better accomodate previously added options
  • Calculate % change in weekly after tax

Version 3.x

  • Default tax rates updated
  • Interface updated
  • Hours per day & days per week added
  • Australian tax rates added
  • Output displays full tax breakdown
  • Added ability to save calculated weekly after tax values
  • Exported as .swf and hosted on personal web server

Version 2.x

  • Defualt tax rates updated
  • Interface updated
  • Editable NZ tax rates
  • Weeks per year changed from 365/7 to 52

Version 1.x

  • Tax Approximator launched as Flash executable
  • Automatically detects and converts yearly salary or hourly wage
  • Outputs annual & weekly take home pay