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Calculate is the easiest PAYE calculator to use on the Internet.

Designed for New Zealand and Australian tax payers, all you need to do is enter your hourly, weekly or annual income and let the calculator do the rest.

See how much money you get after PAYE, ACC, KiwiSaver and Student Loan repayments are made.

The results are broken down to hourly, weekly, fornightly, monthly and yearly.

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New job? Payrise? Crossing the ditch?

We don't know every reason why you might want to compare incomes or weekly take home pay, but whatever your reason, you can do it here for free.

See how much more (or less) you're getting...

Customise was designed to be as flexible and customisable as possible.

You can adjust the tax rates or tax bands, ACC levies, the amount you repay to your student loan, or contribute to KiwiSaver.

Beyond that you can adjust your number of hours worked or even the income thresholds which power the app's income triggers!

Start tweaking your numbers :)

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